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With over 60 million audience reach worldwide in the Gender Disparity Reports, The Why Not Her? movement is one of the biggest Feminist movements, within the music industry, in history. Feel free to check out the reports in our News and Data Reports section on the site.

“Why Not Her is a safe space for womxn & acts of diversity to come and chat to each other about their shared experiences and actively seek out equality & change”

Linda Coogan Byrne, Music PR, Consultant and Activist

“It’s great to see more support for womxn in the music industry but if all was well this would be written in the past tense – my aim is to make such a quote come to pass and for the industry to celebrate its diversity wholly”

Saturn WölfflöW, Artist, Creativist & Trans Rights Activist

“We won’t be ignoring the conversation anymore. There are so many incredible Irish womxn around the globe that are being left out of our nations musical voice. Rise womxn, Rise!

Áine Tyrrell, Musician, Artist & Activist


Why Not Her is a collective who have come together to seek equality on the airwaves for womxn who create music. And also for womxn in the arts and entertainment world.

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