The findings in this report outline the Gender Disparity that is present on the Top 20 most played songs by Irish artists on each individual radio station in Ireland over the period of June 1st 2019 to June 1st 2020.  It also shows the Top 5 most played songs on each station and the ArtistsContinue reading “GENDER DISPARITY DATA REPORT: ON IRISH RADIO”

Coverage on the Gender Disparity Data Report On Irish Radio

Thanks to everyone who have shared, written about, posted about and supported this campaign so far. We have almost 20 million of a reach in under two months! If you’d like to read and subscribe to any of the papers/sites who featured – feel free to click the links below. FROM MID-JUNE – PRESENT: THEContinue reading “Coverage on the Gender Disparity Data Report On Irish Radio”

Éire Diversity

Éire Diversity, is a playlist put together that showcases the wonderful array of talent from the poc and black community of artists, bands, djs, rappers and performers in Ireland’s music scene. Featured acts include, Denise Chaila, Loah, Rose9, Rejji Snow, Erica Cody, Jafaris, Kedo, God Knows and many more that you should have on yourContinue reading “Éire Diversity”