Irish Times Run Exclusive on New Gender Disparity ‘6 months on’ Report

You can check out the exclusive coverage that the Irish Times published on the latest Gender Disparity Report right here:

We would like to thank the Irish Times for their continued support and being on the right side of Gender Equality.



>>> Diversity on the rise in the music scene as we go from just 1 artist of colour to 11 featured in Airplay charts across Irish Radio in the last 6 months. 

>>> National & Dublin Radio Stations lead the changes in gender parity as Regional Radio Stations lag behind…Please find a viewable link to the report

STATEMENTS: reactions attached from Game-changing Women in Music, Activism and Gender studies in Ireland on the report and its finds for use in all press circulation or for quotes in articles CAN BE FOUND HERE:

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The latest report findings outline the Gender Disparity that is still present on the Top 20 most played songs by Irish artists on each individual radio station in Ireland over the period of June 24th 2020 to Dec 24th 2020. It also shows the Top 5 most played songs on each station and the Artists and Songs in that Top 5 within the six month period of the report. 
The same homogenised male list that we viewed in the last report: Picture This, Gavin James, Dermot Kennedy, Wild Youth, Niall Horan and a new addition to the male echelons of the Irish scene Robert Grace dominate the Top 5 Chart positions on Radio. With only Denise Chaila & Wyvern Lingo appearing once in the Top 5 most played tracks across Irish Radio on Rte2fm. An all-female supergroup of 38 womxn: Irish Women In Harmony appear multiple times but still remain outnumbered by mostly solo-male acts.  

The findings are a staggering and shocking display of an industry model that still needs drastic changes, especially in Regional Radio. Variety and Diversity exists. 
Let us all work to embrace that. 

We would like to applaud those in National Radio and some individual stations who have made considerable strides towards a game-changing moment in Irish music history, some stations went from 0% to 20% and more. Thank you for being part of the solution: RTE 2FM, SPIN 103.8, SPIN SOUTHWEST, BEAT FM & 98FM. And for the first time in 5 years, Fm104 have increased by 10% on the inclusion of womxn on their Top 20 Airplay charts spanning the last 6 months, a small but certainly significant change towards parity.

This is not an opinion-based report. It is based on data compiled by Radio monitor. This Report is based on ‘Irish only artists’ and those whose songs are registered on Radiomonitor. Radiomonitor is the industry standard music airplay monitoring service used by all Record labels, Management companies and PR companies to evaluate the airtime allocated to artists/bands who have commercial releases in the Irish market and whose music is issued to Irish radio seeking radio airplay. You can find out more about Radiomonitor at

We at Why Not Her? ask what can be done to implement changes across Irish Radio that creates an equal opportunity playing ground for both male and female-identifying Irish acts? 
YOU can be part of the solution. Never be afraid to ask the question…WHY NOT HER?




Clash Magazine Interview with Linda Coogan Byrne “2020 Is The Year Irish Women Stood Up For Radio Equality And Representation”

Thank you so much to Cailean at Clash Magazine for including some of what our founding member Linda Coogan Byrne had to say about the historical breakthrough in the music scene in Ireland this year.

Thanks so much for the platform and highlighting what Linda had to say about this years work carried out by herself, Áine Tyrrell and our team at Why Not Her? as well as Ruthanne who did so many interviews we sent her way over the last number of months, as part of our National media campaign this year to dismantle the oppressive system that silenced womxns voices from the airwaves for far too long across Irish radio. Linda, Aine and Ruthanne did the bulk of media interviews and we want to say a huge thank you.

We are all in this together and it’s important to lift each other up. There is no I in teamwork. We all want equality, diversity & inclusion because we all deserve it.

There is no-one pitted against one another. Would also like to shine a light on FairPlé & Mise Fosta as they were indeed mentioned in the interview Linda did with Clash, as the support and connection with these two incredible collectives has been instrumental in advancing equality for Womxn in music – and covers all genres – however in the nature of interviews many parts of the interview Linda did and invaluable activists mentioned didn’t make the final edit for what was published. But we wanted to say THANK YOU AND WE ALL APPRECIATE YOU and the work countless other organisations and collectives are also working at.

It’s so important to all work together as a team and to support each other as we strive for equality and a safer industry for everyone.

It’s been my honour to have worked tirelessly this year to try advance womxns voice in radio and the music industry both in Ireland and the UK. None of it would have been possible without the support of so many people in media from journalists to radio DJs and fellow activists. Nobody at Why Not Her was paid a cent – it’s a passion and we love what we do and despite it being so hard at times battling it out with radio for justice and equality – it’s been worth it seeing the changes in the music landscape as it’s never been this way before! Much love and respect – thanks again for the opportunity and platform CLASH. ~ 🤍#womensrights#blm#diversity

Linda Coogan Byrne, Dec 2020

Read the full interview here:

The Why Not Her? Podcast launches

Why Not Her? is all about amplifying the voices of womxn across the entertainment, arts, creative, political and activism world.

Season One has a myriad of guests who share their journeys and speak candidly about obstacles they have faced and how they navigated around them. Truly inspiring!

The Why Not Her? Podcast series is hosted by Linda Coogan Byrne who is a leading figure in Gender & Diversity equality within the music industry. Her groundbreaking Data Reports, that highlight Gender & Racial Disparity within the music industry, have been viewed by over 60 million people worldwide.

She has been featured in the likes of The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Tatler and many more publications in the UK, Ireland and globally. Known for her candid, witty yet kind nature, Linda presents this podcast that draws you in and connects you instantly with the guests. Sit back and enjoy the banter.

You might learn something along the way!

Subscribe to Season One Podcast here or search for it across any of your preferred platforms by typing in ‘why not her?’ podcast.

Gender Disparity Data Chart Report

This new report focuses in on The Irish Charts and the Gender Disparity therein.

It was compiled from the weekly Official Irish Singles & Albums Charts compiled by The Official Charts company for IRMA and made available, weekly, from the IRMA website (

The research was carried out by Cian Sullivan, a member of the Why Not Her team, and a Podcaster and DJ with an lgbtq community radio show on Liffey Sound. (Under the supervision of Linda Coogan Byrne who put the data together in graphs and charts).

The full report can be viewed on presentation here: >>> CLICK HERE.

The report is compiled from the charts dated 07/12/2018 to 06/11/2020 (hereafter referred to as “the last two years”).

Some snapshots of the findings below:

Says Cian of the findings of the report:

“If you consume music in Ireland (buy, stream, download music) it is captured and reflected in the Charts.

Despite the fact that yes, some people (such as record execs, radio programmers, dj’s playlisters, streaming playlist compilers etc.) have more power to rectify the imbalance than the average music consumer, we also (as consumers and music enthusiasts) have the power within ourselves to shift the bias, however unconscious it may be on either end of the spectrum.

We each have our part to share in the blame. I’d like the data to speak for itself and act as a vehicle of change.

Linda Coogan Byrne concludes:

We see here yet again that womxn and acts of diversity are the worse off, as it is this selection of musicians that the Irish charts are seriously lacking in. But it has to be questioned as to how the Charts are collated and curated when some of our biggest and brightest artists are excluded from our own National Charts in Ireland.

We see more International acts, artists and bands dominating the music landscape as opposed to our own domestic acts. Our dismal quota of Irish music across radio is a contributing factor…

Spotify and streaming is a massive contributing factor also… It has without a doubt affected and impacted heavily on how we consume music and how the Charts are compiled.

Very few Irish artists can compete with the International acts. How can we begin to fix this?

We can not let a compromise of a ‘Homegrown Chart’ inclusion be enough as it continues denying our own domestic artists a chance to chart in their own country. To say this is frustrating is an understatement.

‘Radioactive’ – A Four Month Review of Irish Radio Playlisting

We can finally reveal the update on Nationwide radio support within Irish Radio since the publishing of the Gender Disparity Radio Data Report.

This report update covers the last 4 months – from June 24th 2020 to Oct 24th 2020.

In late June, while Ireland was gearing up to return to some semblance of normality, many people were hoping that the pandemic would remain the major news story of the year. This wasn’t to be the case, as we have seen with the recent upsurge in human rights, domestic abuse, and racism concerns. Issues of inequality have come once again to the forefront of our collective conscience.

The Gender Disparity Data Radio Report released on June 24th, gained the attention of many major publications and ultimately reached over 20 million people, trended 5 times across social media and moved over to the UK where Womxn In CTRL and Linda Coogan Byrne carried out a UK Radio report that has been viewed and shared to over 40 million audience reach, starting a National movement towards Gender Parity on the airwaves in the UK & Ireland in the Summer of 2020.

If the appetite for such a study could have been doubted before, it certainly cannot now. 

The analysis of airplay in the Irish report showed a dramatic disparity between the broadcast of male and female-identifying Irish artists in the Top 20 most played songs by Irish artists in Ireland from June 2019 to June 2020.

Four stations, FM 104, LMFM, WLR FM and South East Radio, had no female artists whatsoever in their Top 20 in an entire year. Of the remaining stations that did feature a female artist, most had just one woman in the Top 20. Womxn accounted for only 8% of the top 20 most played Irish artists across 27 music-oriented radio stations in the past year. The most played female act was also the only black artist featured in the entire report: Soulé. Yet her white male counterpart Dermot Kennedy received 80% more airtime that she did.    

Those with the power in radio stations have been asked a simple question: what can be done to implement change across Irish Radio? Change that creates a level playing field for both male and female acts.

In the months since the report was published, we have seen a considerable groundbreaking rise in Irish radio playing Irish Womxn on air. The landscape of Irish music has considerably shifted. But how much?

Let’s take a look….

Read below for the full update and percentages of airtime across Irish radio.

We have seen some significant historic moves from Irish radio in their support of domestic female acts and we applaud this!

Denise Chaila

Across National radio we see:

RTe Radio 1 are still the leaders on Irish radio at 50/50 split of Gender Parity! Well done!

Let’s move on to the others….

Irish Womxn being played on RTE 2FM is up by 35% to 45% ! And the increase of plays by the National broadcaster has truly seen a huge change for womxn in music across the country. The 6 womxn featured on heavy rotation include: Denise Chaila, Fia Moon (x 2 songs) , Wyvern Lingo (x 2 songs), Irish Women In Harmony, Soule, Aimee & Laoise

Irish Womxn being played on Today FM is up by just 5% to 10% with Irish Women In harmony and Soule being the only 2 womxn played on the stations Top 20. They never got back to us when questioned about their lack of support and our request for them to do better.

On the Dublin Stations we see:

Irish Womxn being played on SPIN 1038 was originally only 5% and is now up by 35% to 40%!!! Irish Women In Harmony, Kehli, Jessica Hammond, Tara Walsh, FiCat, Gemma Bradley, Ruthanne & Aimee being the female additions to their Top 20 heavily playlisted.

Irish Womxn being played on 98FM is up by 10% to 20% – they have played 4 womxn over the last 4 months on their heavy rotation playlist – Irish Women In Harmony, Aimee, Soule and Tara Walsh.

FM104, for the first time in a 5 year period, have 2 womxn on their Top 20 most played Irish acts on heavy rotation across the playlist which brings their typical 0% of Irish females on their top 20 highest played acts on their playlist to 10%, with the remaining 90% being still predominantly homogenised male acts. The two female acts being Irish Women In Harmony and Sophie Doyle Ryder.

Irish Women In Harmony

Regionally we see:

Irish Womxn being played on SPIN South West are up by 30% from 5% to 35% – playing Irish Women In Harmony, Jessica Hammon ft Marty Guilfoyle, FiCat, Kehli, Gemma Bradley, Ruthanne & Aimee.

Irish Womxn being played on Beat 102 103 was originally only 5% and is up by 25% to 30%!!! playing Irish Women in Harmony, Sophie Doyle Ryder, Aimee, Jessica Hammond ft Marty Guilfoyle, Stephanie Rainey ft John Gibbons & Denise Chaila, Sorcha Richardson & co.

Irish Womxn being played on Corks RedFM 104-106 is up 10% to 15% – they have 3 womxn on their Top 20 most played Irish acts on their heavy rotation playlist; Irish Women in Harmony, CMAT and Stephanie Rainey Ft John Gibbons.

Irish Womxn being played on Highland Radio is up 5% to 15% – they have 3 womxn on their Top 20 most played Irish acts on their heavy rotation playlist; OLivia Douglas, Una Healy & The Cranberries.

Irish Womxn being played on LMFM is up 15% to 15% (they were at 0%) they have 3 womxn on their Top 20 most played Irish acts on their heavy rotation playlist; Irish Women in Harmony, Una Healy and Sophie Doyle Ryder.

Sophie Doyle Ryder

Irish Womxn being played on Radio Kerry is up 5% to 10% they have 2 womxn on their Top 20 most played Irish acts on their heavy rotation playlist; Irish Women in Harmony and Roisin O.

Irish Womxn being played on C103 Cork is a non change at 5% – playing Irish Women In Harmony and no other female acts on their Top 20. They don’t seem to think here is an issue of gender disparity do opted not to change and be part of the solution.

Irish Womxn being played on Galway Bay FM remains at 15% with no change- playing Irish Women In Harmony, Cathy Davey & Clannad ft Bono.

Irish Womxn being played on Cork’s 96FM is up 15% to 20% playing Irish Women in Harmony, The Cranberries (x 2 songs) and Moloko

Irish Womxn being played on Limerick’s live 95fm is up 15% to 20% playing The Cranberries (x 2 songs), Sharon Shannon Ft Mundy and Sophie Doyle Ryder.

Irish Womxn being played on WLR FM are up 25% to 25% (they were at 0%) they have 4 womxn on their Top 20 most played Irish acts on their heavy rotation playlist – Irish Women in Harmony, Carrie Baxter (x 2 songs), Luz and Rachel English.

Irish Womxn being played on Shannonside FM & Northern Sound is still at 5% – Irish Women In Harmony being the only womxn on the Top 20.

iRadio are up 5 % to 20% – playing only 4 female acts on heavy rotation. – Irish Women In Harmony, Kehli, Jessica Hammon ft Marty Guilfoyle & Fia Moon.

Irish Womxn being played on Midwest radio drops 5% from 20% to 15% – The three womxn being Carmel McLoughlin, Lorraine McDonald and Brid Shaughnessy on their heavy rotation playlist.

Irish Womxn being played on Clare FM rises by 5% to 10% – playing Heathers and The Cranberries old catalogue releases.

Irish Womxn being played on Tipp FM remains at 5% – Sinead O Connor being the only womxn on the Top 20.

Irish Womxn being played on South East Radio rises 5% from 0% – Mary Black Ft Rte National Orchestra is the only woman on their Top 20.

Irish Womxn being played on EAST COAST FM remains at 5% – Sinead O Connor being the only womxn on the Top 20.

Irish Womxn being played on Midlands 103 rises 5% up to 10% – Irish Women in Harmony and Trudi Lalor ft Mick Foster being the only two womxn on the Top 20.

Irish Womxn being played on Kfm Radio Kildare is up 5% to 10% – playing Irish Women In Harmony and Sinead O Connor.

Irish Womxn being played on KCLR96FM is up 5% to 10% playing Irish Women In Harmony and Ruthanne.

Editors notes: For all future reporting: The term Womxn, used by some feminists, especially in the intersectional feminist movement, is one of several alternative spellings of the English word woman. It is used to avoid the spelling woman, and to foreground transgender, nonbinary, and women of colour.

Spin 103.8 the agents of change towards total gender parity

Huge congrats to SPIN 1038– they have reached 50/50 Gender parity on their Top 20 playlist of Irish acts this month!!!

They are the first major Dublin station to reach total Parity in Ireland. Can’t express how happy I am to see this. From 5% to 50%! ADVANCING WOMEN’S EQUALITY CAN ADD over 12 TRILLION TO GLOBAL GROWTH. Massive changes like what we are seeing in Ireland across radio means more visibility for female creatives and more equity.

Thank you Spin!!!#GenderDisparityRadioIre