The Why Not Her? Podcast launches

Why Not Her? is all about amplifying the voices of womxn across the entertainment, arts, creative, political and activism world. Season One has a myriad of guests who share their journeys and speak candidly about obstacles they have faced and how they navigated around them. Truly inspiring! The Why Not Her? Podcast series is hostedContinue reading “The Why Not Her? Podcast launches”

Coverage on the Gender Disparity Data Report On Irish Radio

Thanks to everyone who have shared, written about, posted about and supported this campaign so far. We have almost 20 million of a reach in under two months! If you’d like to read and subscribe to any of the papers/sites who featured – feel free to click the links below. FROM MID-JUNE – PRESENT: THEContinue reading “Coverage on the Gender Disparity Data Report On Irish Radio”